Eating a load of applesEdit


Applejack: Boy, let me tell ya, I sure do love apples.

Twilight Sparkle: Applejack, what are you doing? You can't eat all those fucking apples.

Applejack: Fuck you, I can't eat all these apples.!


Twilight Sparkle: Man, I've never seen a pony eat so many apples.


Rainbow Dash: Wohohoho. Applejack, you eat all those apples you gonna get a wicked bad tummy ache.

[licking, kissing, then chewing]

Rarity: Woah, hey guys check it out! Applejack's eating a shit'load of apples!


Fluttershy: Hey . This I gotta see.

Applejack: Hey sugarcubes! Look I'm a walrus! Or or!

Pinkie Pie: Man Applejack, you eat all those apples you gonna get a wicked bad tummy ache.

Rainbow Dash: Aw no way! I just said the same thing ya crazy cunt! Hahaha.

Twilight Sparkle: Go Applejack, go!

Spike: Oh my gosh Applejack. You crazy dude.

The odd visionEdit

Applejack: [demonic voice] MORE APPLES!

[She throws the empty tub aside, which hits Spike as he attempts to stand up, and grabs a full tub of apples]


[She starts eating apples violently, and starts going into a haze. There in a chewing sound as she eats the apples, apple cores flying everywhere. She randomly stops eating, but the sound continues. She experiences an odd vision where she sees apples flying towards her (not hitting) and her head starts morphing into an apple with the universe in it.]

After the odd visionEdit

Spike: Yo Applejack, Y'all right?


Spike: Yeah, you're gonna be fine.

Twilight Sparkle: Let me tell ya, that pony sure does love apples



[Applejack is shown waggling her eyebrows with apples up her nostrils]

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