BATS.MOV is a comic by foolyguy on DeviantArt. View the comic here:

It stars an alicorn Twilight Sparkle teasing a cursed Fluttershy (who was turned into a bat) in the comic. This could be based off APPLE.MOV.

It is safe for children to read, because the lack of strong language..

Transcript Edit

(Flutterbat (Fluttershy) is eating apples.)

Twilight Sparkle: Flutterbat what are you doing?

(Flutterbat (Fluttershy) looks at Twilight.)

Twilight Sparkle: You can't eat all those apples.

(Flutterbat (Fluttershy) hisses at Twilight which makes her (Twilight) shocked. The word "HISSS!!" has an asterisk.)

Translation to Flutterbat's (Fluttershy's) hissing (because of asterisk): Um...actually despite your claims, I believe I can eat all these apples. I mean... If that's okay with you...

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