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Bon Bon, voiced by Max Gilardi, is an earth pony who is best friends with Lyra Sanchez.


Bon Bon, along with Lyra Sanchez, was first shown in some archive footage of Pinkie Pie's 21st birthday on "True Equestria Story". In the said footage, they were both cheering on Pinkie Pie as she gulps down an entire bottle of vodka at a night club (and getting thrown up on by her, afterwards). Bon Bon and Lyra were later shown at Pinkie's intervention meeting, so they could help her with her party addiction problem, at the rehab center. Before the meeting started, Bon Bon was shown with her iPhone; stating that she's texting her dog. She also watched as Pinkie passed out after gulping down her entire bottle of vodka (and spraying her period blood on Spike). ("PARTY.MOV")

One year later, Rainbow Dash (who was really in a coma after Fluttershy supposedly killed her) performed a sonic rainboom that reversed time back to when Applebloom was about to get killed so she could defeat Discord (as Rainbow-Titan. During the fight, Bon Bon was shown, watching in horror, as Discord violently ripped out Rainbow's wings, along with Lyra and Big Macintosh. ("SWAG.MOV")

Opposites from MLP: FiM and PONY.MOVEdit

  • Bon Bon in MLP: FiM is voiced by a female (first Chantel Strand, then Andrea Libman), while Bon Bon in PONY.MOV is voiced by a male (Max Gilardi).
  • Bon Bon in MLP: FiM has a cutie mark that consists of three pieces of blue and yellow striped candies, while Bon Bon in PONY.MOV's cutie mark is never shown.
  • Bon Bon in MLP: FiM revealed to be a secret agent in the episode, "Slice of Life", while Bon Bon in PONY.MOV isn't a secret agent.
  • Bon Bon in MLP: FiM doesn't wear makeup, while Bon Bon in PONY.MOV does.
  • Bon Bon in MLP: FiM doesn't normally wear clothes, while Bon Bon in PONY.MOV wears clothes all the time.
  • Bon Bon in MLP: FiM doesn't have a dog, while Bon Bon in PONY.MOV claimed that she does have one.


  • They're both beige.
  • They both have a pink and blue mane and tail.
  • They both hang out with Lyra.
  • They both have turquoise eyes.