Cop Pony 1
Irish Cop Pony
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Cutie Mark
Earth Pony
Alright, alright. What's going on in here?

Cop Pony 1, voiced by Jon Etheridge, is an earth pony who works for the Ponyville Police Department. Like most cartoon police officers, he speaks with an Irish accent.


The first cop pony, along with the second one, appeared bursting through the door of Fluttershy's shed, demanding to know what was going on. Fluttershy (using the face she has in the real show) tried to tell the cops that it wasn't what it looked like, but it was, of course, hard to believe her due to the things surrounding her (including the supposedly-dead Rainbow Dash, who had a chainsaw cut halfway through her). The cops then arrested her, and sent her to a mental hospital. ("SHED.MOV")

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