Dec 7, 2011
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You're family with over 30 illegal Mexican immigrants?
Twilight Sparkle
DRESS.MOV is the second episode of the PONY.MOV series. It aired on YouTube on December 7, 2011. This is the Rarity themed episode.

Summary Edit

Discord returns to seek his revenge against all of Ponykind. Meanwhile, Rarity reveals to Twilight how she's able to make so many dresses.

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Plot Edit

Discord returns to Ponyville.

The episode starts with Discord returning to Ponyville after escaping from his improsonment in stone. Twilight Sparkle and Spike watch this in horror and Twilight claimed that they had to find the Elements of Harmony. Spike just took out some weed and said, "Yeah, far out dude."

Twilight asks Fluttershy if she's seen the Elements of Harmony.

Twilight first asks Fluttershy after poking her in the butt a couple of times. Fluttershy claimed that she hasn't and told her to stay out of her shed. After failing to ask Rainbow Dash (who was too lazy to help), Twilight then decided to ask Rarity. Twilight soon went over to her sweatshop and shouts out that she has to come out and help her find the Elements.

Twilight discovers that Rarity's been enslaving Mexicans.

When Rarity refuses and says she is entertaining family, Twilight Sparkle pokes her head in and sees Mexican Immigrants behind with sewing machines. Rarity explains that all these people make her dresses, and that it is a silly pretend game, but they are not allowed to leave.

Rarity breaks Paco's fingers.

Later, Rarity meets Paco in her shop and he says his fingers hurt from making so many dresses against his will. Rarity uses her magic and breaks his fingers. Later, another Mexican Slave asks for a drink. Rarity spits in the glass and gives it to her.

Rarity's been captured by one of her slaves.

Rarity then goes outside and gives a dress to Fluttershy so she won't look like such an unwashed tramp. Fluttershy tells her to stay out of her shed as well. Then, a very large macho Mexican comes out and grabs her. He then takes her into her own sweatshop and they all start beating her up.