Doctor Pony
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Cutie Mark
Earth Pony
Her condition seems stable enough. I can't see evidence of any cerebral damage and she's not progressing towards a vegetative state.

The Doctor Pony is an earth pony doctor who only appeared in an episode of Ask Jappleack.


When Applejack put herself in a coma for the second time, Big Macintosh and Granny Smith took her to the hospital. At the hospital, both Big Mac and Granny were shown talking to the doctor, who told them that Applejack has no evidence of any cerebral damage and is not progressing towards a vegetative state. He then talked about how he's more worried about the hospital's capacity to accommodate a comatose patient at the moment (since things have gotten crazy for them since Discord's return to Ponyville). While the doctor continued talking, Applejack was shown dreaming in her comatose state. ("Ask Jappleack")

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