Garrett Hunter Pony
Makeup/Special Effect Aritsit
Episode Count
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Cutie Mark
Canadian Leaf
Earth Pony
What if Cannibal Corpse stole your precious glassess?
―Pinkie Pie

The Garrett Hunter Pony is an earth pony who resembles Garrett Hunter. He has no lines.


The Garrett Hunter pony was first shown as one of the ponies who witnessed Pinkie Pie's breakdown at the park (due to her experimentation with cocaine). The question Pinkie asked him was, "What if Cannibal Corpse stole your precious glassess?" ("PARTY.MOV")

He was also shown in the crowd watching Rainbow Dash (as Rainbow-Titan) fight Discord. Rainbow-Titan accidently fell on him, along with some other ponies, and crushed him to death. ("SWAG.MOV")

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