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Don't believe a word this book says. I didn't insert glass into my daughter's genitals.

Rev. Peter Daniel Pie, voiced by Garrett Hunter, is the father of Pinkie Pie, and the husband of Patricia Daphne Pie.


Although Rev. Pie wasn't officially shown in SHED.MOV, he was briefly mentioned by Pinkie Pie after she and Spike just witnessed Fluttershy's arrest at the mental hospital. After Spike asked Pinkie why things have been so weird lately, she replied by, randomly, saying, "My Daddy makes me put glass in my vagina." Spike then walked away, saying, "Yeah, okay, well, good luck with that."

According to "True Equestria Story", Pinkie Pie had written an autobiography (titled under the same line she said to Spike at the end of SHED.MOV) that explained how she had an abusive relationship with her father. Rev. Pie was then shown in an interview, along with his wife Patricia, telling the viewers not to believe a word the book says, and that he didn't insert glass into his daughter's genitels. He then read through the book and claimed that he never did any of the other things she put in there; such as: forcing her to eat her own hair, hitting her over the head with a SEGA Dreamcast, and locking her in the basement, blasting "Blood on the Dance Floor" (a band he's never heard of) for 17 hours straight, when she refused to say the Lord's Prayer. Pinkie was then shown in an interview saying that she lied about her father because nobody was paying any attention to her. ("PARTY.MOV")