Ponyville Cemetery
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So Twilight, how come we're hanging out in the Pony Boneyard?

The Ponyville Cemetery is the local cemetery in Ponyville.

Appearances Edit

History Edit

The cemetery was first shown in an episode of Ask Jappleack, in which Applejack was shown lamenting over the loss of her younger sister, Applebloom (who was previously crushed by Discord's foot), at her grave.

In MAGIC.MOV, Twilight Sparkle and Spike went to the cemetery to revive the dead corpse of Rainbow Dash (who was supposedly killed by Fluttershy in the previous episode). When they arrived at her grave, Twilight got out a spell book and began to read a black magic resurrection spell. As soon as she finished reading the spell, a giant portal began forming from the ground. Instead of Rainbow Dash, out came a giant demon named Wolflor, who walked on right over to Ponyville and helped Discord to destroy town.

Twilight and Spike later came back there, with a shovel, to dig up Rainbow's grave so they could bring her back to life in a Frankenstein-like fashion.

Besides Rainbow Dash and Applebloom, there were also other characters who buried at the cemetery. The ones whose tombstones were shown were Derpy Hooves (who was murdered by Fluttershy, and made her into a decorative toaster cozy), Winona (who was also murdered by Fluttershy), and Gilda (who had a nyan Rainbow Dash fly right through her head).

Notable intermentsEdit

  • Fong, Chinese American criminal, who secretly working for the Foot Clan
  • Tsoi, Chinese American criminal, who secretly working for the Foot Clan
  • Sid, Chinese American criminal, who secretly working for the Foot Clan
  • Hun, Chinese American criminal and also the Shredder's trusted right-hand man
  • Baxter Stockman, African American mad scientist and one of the Shredder's men
  • Tiger Claw, humanoid tiger who work for the Shredder

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