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Cutie Mark
2 Lesbian symbols
Pegasus (lost wings)
Leave this place, or die!
Rainbow-Titan, voiced by Max Gilardi, is Rainbow Dash's alter ego. She was able to save Ponyville from Discord.


After Ponyville was destroyed by Discord, Rainbow Dash (who was accutally in a coma) performed a sonic rainboom that reversed time that stopped at the beginning of SHED.MOV when Applebloom was about to get crushed. Rainbow then transformed into Rainbow-Titan and gave him a decesion to either leave or die. After that, Discord and Rainbow began to fight, and almost lost when Discord ripped out her wings. Just when Rainbow-Titan closed her eyes, she woke up when Scootaloo was telling her to get up. This gave Rainbow confidence and was able to defeat Discord with the Holy Sword of the Titans that was summoned by Twilight Sparkle. After Discord was defeated, Rainbow-Titan turned back into Rainbow Dash got sent to the hospital where Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Spike congratualated her. When Applejack came back from her adventurres in another demension they all formed a group hug being happy that they were together again. ("SWAG.MOV")  

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