Rehab Center
Rehabilitation Center
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Yeah... this could've gone better.
―Twilight Sparkle

The Rehab Center is Ponyville's local rehabilitation clinic.

In PARTY.MOV, Twilight Sparkle wanted to hold meeting at the rehab center to help Pinkie Pie with her party addiction problem (and so she could gather everyone up to locate the Elements of Harmony). When she brought Pinkie to the meeting, she looked around the room and saw that the only people there were Paco, Derpy Hooves (who is still a decorative toaster cozy), Lyra Sanchez, and Bon Bon. Twilight then went over to Spike and asked where the other mane ponies were; in which he replied, "Applejack's in a coma, Rarity's being held captive by Mexicans, Fluttershy's in the nuthouse, and Rainbow Dash is dead."

Throughout the rest of the meeting, Pinkie threw up on Spike, told Twilight she had a horse's face, said that her only friend is her vodka, and drank it all down until she passed out and sprayed her period blood all over Spike (much to his disgust). Twilight finally closed the meeting by saying that it could've gone better.

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