Mar 31, 2012
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This minisode begins with the same red, dripping title card as the rest of the PONY.MOV episodes do. It then cuts to Spike showing Paco a tech deck and trying unsuccessfully to do tricks with it. After a while of doing this, Spike reveals to Paco and the audience that he's actually June, a character from Max Giliardi's show, Wacky Game Jokes 4 Kids. It then ends with credits similar to that of Seinfeld.

This episode was an April Fool's joke, but received negative comments from people who thought it was an actual installment of the PONY.MOV series.


(We see the text SPIKE.MOV, which turns into a bloody format.)

(Spike appears at a table with a tiny skateboard.)

Spike: Hey, Paco. Come over here, check it out. [Paco walks over to Spike.] It's a Teck Deck.

Paco: Ohh, man, that is so sick!

(Spike fiddles with his fingers on the skateboard.)

Spike: Hang on. Watch, I can make it ollie. Hang on.

(Spike still tries to make the Teck Deck ollie.)

Spike: [muttering] Son of a bitch. [speaking normally] You put y- You put your... this finger back and this finger goes forward... all at the sa- you push down on the back and then you go [muttering] up at the front... [sigh]... can do like a kickflip thing... hang on.

(Spike is still trying while Paco watches in amazement.)

Spike: My brother can grind, I can't grind - I haven't learned the grind yet, so... but... [muttering] y'can do, like, on the edge of a table or something.

[Spike stops trying to do a Teck Deck.]

Spike: Hey, you wanna see something even cooler?

(Paco looks surprised as dramatic music plays.)

[Spike reveals that he's a costume. As he takes off his head, it is shown that it was really June from Wacky Game Jokez, 4 Kidz.]

June: Surprise! It's me June!