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Would you like to play again? Too bad!
―Video Game Version of Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle, voiced by Max Gilardi, is a unicorn pony who is the younger sister of Rarity, and a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.


When Applebloom finally got her cutie mark, she excitedly told Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo the good news. However, both Sweetie and Scootaloo were too busy noticing Discord's giant foot coming towards them, and with no warning, they dart away, leaving their friend to a untimely fate. ("SHED.MOV")

Rarity consoles sweetiebelle
Sweetie Belle holds onto Rarity.

One year later, Rainbow Dash (who was really in a coma after she was supposedly killed by Fluttershy) performed a sonic rainboom that reversed time back to when Applebloom was about to get killed so she could fight Discord, as Rainbow-Titan. When Rainbow-Titan was violently getting her wings ripped off by Discord, Sweetie Belle was shown holding onto her sister, Rarity, since she couldn't bear to watch the horrendous sight. ("SWAG.MOV")

Non-Cannon AppearencesEdit

When Rainbow Dash failed to get the high score in "Wolf Puncher 2," a very rude, 8-bit version of the actual Sweetie Belle appeared on the TV screen, asking her if she would like to play again; but then said, "Too bad!" This was possibly a reference to Sweetie Bot. ("Hotdiggedydemon Panel Cartoon")

Later, when Rainbow Dash finally got the high score, video game Sweetie Belle popped up on the screen again to congratulate her. Not only that, but she also called Rainbow a pathetic, loser virgin, and then said that she really needs to get a life. ("Hotdiggedydemon Panel Cartoon 2")

Opposites from MLP: FiM and PONY.MOVEdit

  • Sweetie Belle in MLP: FiM is voiced by a female (Claire Corlett), while Sweetie Belle in PONY.MOV is voiced by a male (Max Gilardi).
  • Sweetie Belle in MLP: FiM is very sweet, nice, and kind, while the video game version of Sweetie Belle in PONY.MOV is very mean and rude.
  • Sweetie Belle in MLP: FiM got a cutie mark that consits a shield with a music note on it, while Sweetie Belle in PONY.MOV hasn't got her cutie mark yet.


  • They're both white.
  • They both have a pink mane and tail.
  • They're both related to Rarity.
  • They're both a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • They both have a curly mane and tail.
  • They both have green eyes.