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'Ah my friends'
―last words before his death
Tirek, voiced by Frank Welker, is a giant killer centaur and the main antagonist of HALLOWEEN.MOV  who was improsoned in stone until he broke out. He was first seen by Allias.


He first appeared arriving in Ponyville, stealing pony's magic. Allias watch this in horror and Allias claimed that they had to look for the Elements of Harmony to stop him, but so far everyone's been failing to be of help. ("HALLOWEEN.MOV")


He killed Allias' mom Twilight Sparkle and Allias watched in horror and tears coming out of his eyes.


Tirek fighted Allias,but Allias knocked the beast out,but Tirek sawed the Chihuahuas called them friends,but the chihuahuas jumped on the centaur and mauled him causing the death of the centaur.

Differences from MLP: FIM and PONY.MOVEdit

  • The Tirek in MLP: FIM absorbs magic while the Tirek in PONY.MOV is a cereal killer.
  • In MLP: FIM, Tirek is voiced by Mark Acheson while in PONY.MOV, he is voiced by Frank Welker .
  • In MLP : FIM, Tirek got weak and locked up in Tartarus while the Tirek in PONY.MOV,he was mauled by the chihuahuas causing his death.


  1. A (didn't appear)
  2. B (appears)
  3. C (appears)
  4. D (appears)
  5. E (background appearence)
  6. F (appears)

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