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I am Twilus... the Holy Titan of Magic.
Twilus is the Holy Titan of Magic who has been trapped in the glutton of Appelox along with the other Holy Titans. She was later saved by Jappleack.


After Jappleack took a bite out of Appleox, she fell right out of the sky and landed right in Twilus' hands. Twilus told Jappleack all about how she and the other Lunarians were trapped in the glutton of Appelox and, now that he's gone, they are now free. To make Jappleack surprised, Twilus told her that Applebloom is still alive because Appelox was the one who killed her. She then told her that she had to leave Equestria Prime and go through the void to find her. Jappleack did what she said and went on her way.

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