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Oops, guess that was the wrong spell.
―Twilight Sparkle

Wolflor was a demon from the Underworld who teamed up with Discord. He never had any lines. He resembles Lord Tirek.


Twilight Sparkle and Spike were at the Ponyville Cemetery to bring Rainbow Dash back to life (after she got killed by Fluttershy). When Twilight read the spell it accidently summoned Wolflor to come up to the surface. They watched as he walked right into Ponyville and gave Discord a high-five. When the R-Dash 5000 came unleashed, things were much worse. ("MAGIC.MOV")

He and Discord were shown having sex and R-Dash 5000 learned to duplicate itself causing a tornado and having meteors falling from the sky. ("PARTY.MOV")

It was then shown that he, along with Discord and the R-Dash 5000 clones, made Ponyville into a complete wasteland. Thanks to the time-reversing sonic rainboom performed by Rainbow Dash (who was really in a coma), he was never summoned. ("SWAG.MOV")

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